Matchmaking is Coming Soon

Don’t apologize, it’s your game. You should make whatever you want first and whatever YOU want. Of course, you would need to make your fans happy but the ones complaining are being selfish. Either way we’ll get the same results just in different order.

Yandere Simulator Development Blog

Hi! The next big update isn’t ready yet, but I’ve prepared a brief video to assure people that it’s on the way:

Throughout the first half of September, I shifted my attention back and forth between the Rival video and the Matchmaking update, as assets were delivered to me. I quickly realized that I felt very uncomfortable splitting my attention equally between two projects. I know that you guys voted for the Rival video to come first…but, after spending time working on both projects, I simply can’t resist focusing my attention on the Matchmaking update, since I’m super enthusiastic about it, and very eager to complete it. I’m very sorry if this disappoints anyone!

It’s hard to give an exact date for precisely when the Matchmaking update will be ready, but I anticipate three days minimum, seven days maximum. I’m so excited for it!

Please forgive me for taking…

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